Friday, April 16, 2010

Read Write Poem prompt 17

Drawing Exercise: Dissolve

To be truly sad, you have to know the right people.
But since the whole world was marching,
I kept on marching.

The leper was kneeling by the pond, turning
to crumbs for ducks and pigeons.

Instead of roadwise, I took
to rounding water.

If I could have sealed out that erosion,
I’d have sealed it with a footprint.

If I could have filtered salt from avalanche,
god knows I’d have filtered.

Without rippling, I was going lightly round.
By the second day, I could not spot him.

His clothes were lying on the ground.
The pond turned blue.
The road was brown.

(the prompt asked to choose an element as a springboard for a poem. Make mine water.)


Stan Ski said...

It's not just water that dissolves. I like your use of water as a metaphor for other agents of the process.

Lawrence C said...

wonderful, how you weave disparate thoughts and ideas and images into a tapestry. To me the image of the leper hunkered by the pond seems to center this From deep in the well of your soul, yet you maintain a solid control. Impressive.

Joseph said...

That first line is stunning. Fascinating take on dissolution in different forms... love it!

poemblaze said...

This is brilliant. The first line is marketable all by itself. Great job.

Dan Rako said...

You're killing it with this. Awesome.

Mad Mar said...

Wow. That was amazing. I like how it moved sideways into rhyme underscoring the dissolution. Well done.

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