Friday, September 18, 2009

wordle prompt


The scofflaw will plunder any orchard, come autumn.
To conform, I must girdle my hips and my bottom.

Love is to clover what matte is to smatter.
Should your head itch, not thinking, but dandruff’s the matter.

For a lack of affection there’s no known remedy.
At the sushi bar she ordered plum wine, same as me.

On paper, love triangles are always obtuse.
The light of the lime isn’t lime, but chartreuse.

(hat tip to ron hardy!)


James said...

I love the playfulness of the rhymes in this. The line about love triangles and th double meaning of obtuse is really nice too.

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful rhyming. And I like the multitudes of meaning.

for a pittance, you buy that confection

Nathan said...

Wonderful. You capture the contrast between light and heavy that great aphorisms have.

Briarcat said...

Good fun. As an ample person, I enjoyed the girdle/bottom/autumn play. Love that the light if the lime, isn't lime, but chartreuse, even though it's not limelight, which doesn't belong in a triangle, anyway.

David Moolten said...

I like the subtly intrusive and witty narrator and how she joins the separate scenes and situations.

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